With a solid track record and reputation in the industry, we continue to go above and beyond to provide you with quality service. Hock Cheong continuously refines and enhances its processes to improve its capacity to perform logistics services. We have been providing Malaysia with sound supply chain and logistics management for over 80 years, with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small SMEs. Our services range from distribution, to warehousing, to lorry transport, to door-to-door delivery: whatever logistics service your company needs, we can provide! Find out how our 3PL Services can help your company succeed.

Find Out How Our 3rd Party Logistics Services
Can Help Your Company Succeed

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the wide range of services related to the movement, storage and distribution of goods.

They are services provided by logistics companies like Hock Cheong that specialize in the distribution of goods.

Distribution mostly relates to the delivery or distribution of goods, hence the name. While logistics is concerned with the entire process (not just distribution, but also the movement, storage, and other aspects of the flow of goods.

Third party logistics companies are companies like Hock Cheong who assist your business by taking on logistics management duties for you and simplify the process.

Big international carriers like UPS and DHL dominate this list. However, Hock Cheong is one of the more established in Malaysia.

Big international carriers like UPS make an appearance in this list. However, Hock Cheong is one of the more established in Malaysia.

3PL Companies like Hock Cheong understand the importance of logistics and how it benefits clients. To start a 3PL business, you have to understand its principles.