Brand Story

History/ Brand Story

Founded in 1932 as Hock Cheong Mail, we specialise in newspaper delivery and postal services that span across the Malaysia Peninsula to Singapore (formerly known as Malaya). Being one of Malaysia’s oldest third-party logistics firms, our belief in innovation and to have a ‘customers first’ attitude has proved to be successful in meeting the changing demands of the consumers and the delivery services in Malaysia over time. In 1964, being one of the first few companies listed on the KLSE, it provided us with the right infrastructure to support the growth and needs of businesses in Malaysia and Singapore during the early years of a booming economy, with a strong focus on logistics leaders in the publishing sector. Hock Cheong Logistics provided third-party logistics services to many publishing houses in the late 1960s with fast and stable delivery services for materials and finished products.


In 2001, Hock Cheong Transport expanded across the region, specializing in express cross border and domestic delivery services between Malaysia and Singapore, while growing our presence with our valued partners in Brunei and China. Today, Hock Cheong Transport continues to be a premier door to door logistics service provider and third-party logistics support for many companies in Asia that spans West & East Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and China.

As a third-party logistics company in Malaysia, we are constantly looking to improve the way we work and the value we bring to our customers. Hock Cheong Logistics goal has always been “to improve the standard of delivery service in Malaysia and its neighbouring countries”. Our team represents decades of third party logistics experience and insight, and with one goal in mind– to solve the day-to-day logistics challenges of our clients. We keep on developing third-party logistics solutions that are tailored to support the needs of a particular client. We at Hock Cheong Logistics are fully committed to delivering end-to-end logistics and supply chain solutions that are flexible, reliable, and cost-efficient, delivering excellence when it comes to residential or private delivery services in Malaysia and corporate logistics support for various companies. To help us do that, we have built the foundation of the business around four core elements to providing an integrated solution centre for our clients

A Group That Cares.


Hock Cheong Group is supported by –

Hock Cheong Transport (HCT)

Hock Cheong Transport prides itself as providers of 24-hour door to door delivery services in Malaysia. We specialize in door to door distribution throughout West Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore via our extensive trucking network. With a fleet of more than a hundred vehicles, and various warehousing facilities in West Peninsular Malaysia. HCT pairs warehousing services in unison with our distribution partners to provide end to end premium logistics solutions to our clients, that is powered by technology (robust backend) and a dedicated team to service you.

Some of the services include warehousing, inventory and transport management, and last-mile distribution.

Hock Cheong Logistics (HCL)

HCL supports HCT in providing air and sea freight, backed by a team that has more than 80 years of experience in handling sea and air freight to South East Asia.

Caters from full container loads to loose cargo loads from door to door or door to port delivery services in Malaysia and its neighbouring countries.

Hock Cheong Forwarding (HCF)

Hock Cheong Forwarding manages international forwarding and customs clearance to facilitate the complexity of cross border custom clearance process on import and exports as a third-party logistics provider. Our team of administrative experts has extensive experience in providing the quality consultation your business requires, as we are connected to the latest governmental legislation and trade laws.

Hock Cheong Express (HCE)

HCE provides support, courier, and third-party logistics services to retail clients and e-commerce businesses. Backed by a robust IT system and team, we provide premium 3PL services to any business looking to explore e-commerce.

With our same-day delivery or express service, and our real-time tracking system, our customers have full visibility of their parcels in real-time, in today’s “on-demand” economy.

Hock Cheong Logistics has come a long way as a third-party logistics provider in Malaysia. With our core supply chain fundamentals in place, we deliver confidence and risk-free supply chain innovations for our customers. Hock Cheong Logistics’ delivery services in Malaysia can act as an individual product or as part of a customisable integrated logistics solution to support various businesses in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and China. Together with our extensive experience and expertise, our focus has always been to provide our clients with a well-managed supply chain strategy that drives efficiencies and reduces transport costs. Our wide experience and built networks for the past decades also help us provide assistance for a port to port protocol compliance. To this day, Hock Cheong is among the leading options for a third-party logistics company in Malaysia.

Frequently Asked Questions

3rd party logistics is when you enlist the help of another company (the 3rd party) to take over operational logistics. This includes warehousing, delivery, transport, and other services.

Third-party logistics providers are those you outsource logistics and other operations to.

Many companies from a diverse field utilizes third-party logistics, such as hospitals, bookstores, retail, and other industries. This is because transport and logistics can be considered a universal need for businesses that sell and purchase products.

The three types of logistics are inbound, outbound, and reverse. Inbound refers to resources going into a business, outbound refers to products going out of a business, and reverse is when an end product has to go back to its origin.

4PL is more general, while 3PL is focused primarily on the logistics side.

Transport and warehousing, mainly. These two are one of the more costly logistics activities and can be much cheaper to outsource than buying supplies and equipment necessary to fulfill them.