How does LCL shipment works?


Have you ever wondered how you should book a shipment if your cargos are too little to occupy the whole freight container? Is booking the entire container for like three cargo boxes convenient? The only benefit you’ll get from doing such is that your cargo won’t be mixed up with other cargos. Overall, it’s a waste of space, not fuel efficient and is very expensive.


Our solution is to book an LCL shipment instead. Less than Container Load (LCL) shipment is exactly what its name suggests, shipping cargos that won’t occupy the entire container. In LCL shipment, your cargos will be put on a container along with other cargos. This way, you will only pay for your share of space. You do not need to worry about missing cargo, with the careful and proven logistics method of Hock Cheong Logistics, your cargo will be delivered safely and complete.

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Our diverse and experienced team experts are able to provide industry-specific solutions to handle unique project challenges. Based on each project requirements, from time-sensitive to high-value freight deliveries, we hand-tailor solutions and create logistics plans to ensure a flawless and smooth shipment.

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With a wide range of truck fleet from vans to tailgate/crane trucks, we are able to handle both conventional and unconventional shipments. Regardless of your goods commodity, size, weight or configuration, we are able to propose the most suitable solution and equipment needs as well as on-site supervision.

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Logistics Management Systems & Solutions

Our warehouse management system (WMS) and transport management system (TMS) provides full visibility and enhances collaboration. From a simple track & trace to complex operational optimization, our technology solutions do more than meet a specific need. Our unified client portal provides real-time data for you to make more insightful business decisions to manage costs and drive up efficiency.


Singapore is one of the largest and busiest transshipment hub in the world. With our Major Exporter Scheme (MES) status in Singapore, we are able to import your international transshipment goods via Singapore without incurring Goods & Services Tax (GST).

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Frequently Asked Questions

LCL shipment is also known as “groupage”. As the name implies, it is a form of logistic service wherein cargos from different sources are put into a single container to maximize space and lessen the shipping cost.

In an LCL shipment, various cargos are being transported together in a single container. It is close to how public bus works, picking up passengers from different places and dropping them off to various points as well.

LCL shipment has relatively lower charges compared to renting the whole container for your exclusive shipment. It is convenient for clients who have only a few cargos to ship and do not wish to pay for the whole container.

LCL shipment charges depend on the number, size, and weight of your cargo(s). The destination of drop off can also affect the delivery fees for LCL shipment.

LCL shipment is more affordable than FCL. Since you will be sharing the container with other clients, the payment will also be divided. It will cut the cost and you will only pay for the space your cargo occupied.

FCL or Full Container Load shipment is the form of shipment wherein a single client occupies the entire space of a container. LCL or Less than Container Load shipment is when the client’s cargo occupies only a portion of the container.

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