Many companies do not have the space to store many of their goods and surplus inventory. And in big cities like Kuala Lumpur, the price of renting a warehouse can be sky high. That’s why Hock Cheong offers warehousing and fulfilment at competitive prices. We have numerous strategically located fulfilment centres and a strong partner network that allows for great flexibility and faster penetration into local markets. Our sophisticated software and tracking, with efficient lorry transport, are designed to manage your inventory and distribute with ease.


Warehousing in Singapore or capital cities like KL could be very costly, at Hock Cheong we got you covered with our heritage in delivery quality service. Supported by a strong partner network that is strategically sited and with fulfilment centres throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Guangzhou and Brunei for greater flexibility and faster access to local markets. These distribution centres are designed to manage your inventory, storage, reverse logistics and distribution requirements back by our own WMS software and tracking systems.

Pre-Inspection Services

Quality control and cross checking of products are vital to ensure that your products to be transported are of the right specifications. Our dedicated team of inspectors across the region conducts stringent inspections to ensure goods are compliant with your requirements before distribution.

Pick & Pack

Efficient pick processes are designed to fulfil orders before they are verified to avoid process errors and minimize costs. Supported by a robust management system and an experienced team to ensure high accuracy, our custom-tailored packing services are available to ensure best possible protection for your shipments. Customised labelling services are also available for different needs to support different market requirements. This tested and proven methodology has helped our clients boosted and optimized sales channels while coping with sudden demand spikes at much more efficient costs.

Reverse & Return Logistics

Returns are common in every form business and there is nothing to be shy about. At Hock Cheong, we are in this together with you to drive a better bottom-line for your business, as a great partner in reverse logistics can bring much value beyond a service. Time is saved when we create a bespoke return framework for your business, to ensure that parts arrive to you in time, so that you could quickly get them fixed and off the shelves in no time.

Reverse & Return Logistics

Other Services

Frequently Asked Questions

The warehouse process is the term for the flow of goods in and out the warehouse: from its arrival in the warehouse, to its storage, to its release.

Don’t know where to put surplus goods that have no more room in your space? Warehousing allows you to store them until they’re needed or purchased. Warehousing prevents losses.

Goods aren’t always moving. When they’re stationary, goods must be stored. Warehousing is the proper and strategic storing of these goods.

Logistics refers to the process of the movement and storage of goods. It spans distribution, delivery, and yes, warehousing.

There are many types of warehouses. Distribution centres, Fulfillment centres, private and public warehouses are just a few examples of warehouses.

The five components are: storage, packing, inventory, transport, and control. All five are highly important to logistics management.

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