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Who We Are

Who We Are

A logistic company in Malaysia with a long track record of excellent services and experience in the industry. Hock Cheong is a leading third-party logistics service provider that connects Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and China. With more than 90 years of history, we have proven credentials in delivering our customers’ goods safely, quickly, and cost-effectively. We are committed to understanding our customers so as to offer customised logistics solutions to fit all needs. As a logistic and transport service provider, Hock Cheong understands the key role our services are playing in the economies of the countries we are serving. Thus, we continuously strive to give our customers the most reliable services we can offer.


To provide cost-efficient & quality logistics service in time-critical operations and develop long term business relationships with our customers.


Bridging gaps between businesses and communities to discover greater possibilities.

What We Do

Hock Cheong Transport prides itself as a logistics company in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and China that provides a full range of door-to-door logistic services, by sea, air and land. With a growing fleet of more than 150 vehicles and various warehousing facilities, Hock Cheong Transport pairs warehousing and transport services in unison with our distribution network, powered by technology and a dedicated team to provide end to end premium logistics solutions. Our team always  seeks to deliver quality logistic services for all our customers whether in retail or as a third-party service provider.

Your Industry

The logistics and transport service industry has an already tight competition with a large number of logistics companies in the South East Asian regions. What sets apart our logistics company in Malaysia from the rest is our passion for excellence and our wide experience in providing both transport and logistics services not only in Malaysia but to other neighbouring countries such as Singapore, China, and Brunei. Our years in the industry help us develop a customised solution for every client in the countries where we operate. Hock Cheong Logistics has tailored supply chain solutions across a range of industry sectors, providing the right solutions to the right business.

We Got You Covered

Hock Cheong is a trusted logistics company in Malaysia with extended services in its neighbouring countries. As your logistics service provider, our goal is to solve the day-to-day logistics challenges for businesses from small and medium enterprises to empire scale corporations. With a staff strength of over 300 regionally, our team represents decades of logistics experience and insights that can guide your business well using our trusted logistics services. We have service centres strategically located in major cities in Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Guangzhou. These include Johor Bahru, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Port Klang, Perak as well as Penang. This enables us to have better local market knowledge as well as a greater and more effective distribution coverage extending to semi-urban areas in the various states.

Some Of Our Clients

With a sound track record of 80 years of quality service, Hock Cheong Transport has been a logistics partner to a multitude of businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local SMEs. Our customer base has grown to more than 150,000 companies ranging from various industries.

Mandarin Oriental The Hospital Group
Penguin Random House
Toshiba Leading Innovation
MPH Bookstores
Oxford Fajar
British India
Metro Java

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Frequently Asked Questions

Logistics companies provide services related to the storage, movement and distribution of physical goods. They plan, implement and control the movement and storage of goods, services or information within a supply chain and between the points of origin and consumption. They can be responsible for some or all of the supply chain functions depending on the client’s logistical needs.

Freight focuses just on the movement of the physical goods or cargo from one place to another via the deployment of transportation modes – road, air, sea freight, while logistics cover a broader spectrum and looks at the full fledged freight management. The services of a logistic industry are not just limited to the delivery of goods but also related to storage, handling, packing, inventory etc.

Logistics is about developing and organising an efficient and effective process involving the storage and movement of goods. In a nutshell, it is the management of the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption to meet the requirements of customers. Effective logistics management recognizes that all activities of material movement are interdependent and require close coordination. Many people do not realise that inefficiencies in this process can lead to high hidden costs and stifle business operations.

Logistics service providers like Hock Cheong allows you to concentrate on your core business by assisting you in the complexities of the logistics process. It also allows you to expand into new markets without committing significant logistics investments and lowers your risks as they have the experience to provide you with customisable solutions. Having someone who has the experience and logistics knowledge reduces stress and makes processes smoother allowing better customer service for your clients. Most importantly, having a 3rd party logistics partner helps to reduce costs for businesses as it allows customers to enjoy economies of scale and make significant savings on your overheads and premise.

You would first need to understand what logistics assistance your company requires in order to choose the most relevant logistics company for yourself. 


There are many types of logistics providers:

  • Full service 3rd party logistics which provides end to end logistics solutions
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation & Distribution
  • Shipping & freight forwarding


Some logistic companies do not provide full service capabilities and only specialise in one or two areas. Full service providers such as Hock Cheong offer individuals and businesses end-to-end solutions that gets your customers’ order to their doorstep quickly and easily. With a vast network for strategic located fulfillment centres and fleet, Hock cheong is able to distribute your goods to your customers timely and affordable manner.


Always find out more about your logistics partner to see if they are the right fit. You need to be able to trust the provider that you have selected to take care of your brand and deliver the customer experience you envision. The right partner can make or break your company’s logistics, customer service, and repeat purchase rate. Choosing the right partner is a balance between quantitative data and relationship building.

You can contact us and speak to any of service staff to understand more on the services and rates. the provider that you have selected to take care of your brand and deliver the customer experience you envision. The right partner can make or break your company’s logistics, customer service, and repeat purchase rate. Choosing the right partner is a balance between quantitative data and relationship building.


You can contact us and speak to any of service staff to understand more on the services and rates.

FCL means full container load. LCL means less container load. They are two common terms used in shipping under international trade business. Besides, FTL (full truck load) and LTL (less truck load) are used in land transportation. If you do not have enough goods to accommodate one full container or one full truck, you can choose to opt of for LCL or LTL option in order to enjoy more cost savings and it allows you to fulfil orders as little as one carton at an affordable rate. Hock Cheong has a wide range of trucks from 1-ton vans to 40ft trailers. We will provide options for customers based on the urgency and volume of goods. Hock Cheong will always propose the most cost efficient option unless otherwise specified by customers.

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