Door to Door Distribution

Hock Cheong has been in the transportation industry for years, offering same-day delivery in Malaysia. We have been doing freight forwarding service for many packages and shipments to people’s doorsteps since 1932. What started out as a newspaper delivery service in Malaysia had grown to a full-pledge international delivery service provider with high standard express delivery and last-mile delivery services in order to meet our commitment of maintaining a reliable same-day delivery in Singapore and next day delivery service for its neighbouring countries. This way, you will not need to wait for weeks or months to receive your much-awaited parcel. This is our way of raising the standard of logistics services in the country.

Last Mile Distribution

Our last-mile delivery service comes with more than 150 vehicles and extensive network coverage in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. These efforts in investing in transportation and equipment enable us to provide door to door delivery and ensure each delivery is completed safely and promptly.

Express Delivery Service

Express Delivery Service

Time-sensitive shipments are placed on top priority here at Hock Cheong Logistics. With our customised Next Day Delivery (within 24 hours) for overseas shipment and Same Day Delivery services in Malaysia to keep your business running like clockwork.

Goods Return Service

We also offer a goods return service to ensure that we are serving both ends of the logistics. Should you happen to receive an incorrect product, incomplete orders or other concerns that are covered by your supplier’s return policies, we will happily ship them back for you so you will not need to worry about fixing another shipment to return wrong or defective supplies.

Delivery Order Return Service

Delivery Order Return Service

Acknowledged chopped and signed delivery orders from your customers are accessible via our online tracking order system. With our freight forwarding service, your hard copies are available for pick up at our warehouses or delivery to your office.

Out of Working Hours

Out of working hours service

We understand that working hours can sometimes be a tedious time to arrange your deliveries. Special arrangements for after office hours pick up or delivery can be pre-arranged to suit your busy schedule or restricted delivery timings from building management.

Cross Border Trucking

We at Hock Cheong Logistics have a daily door to door cross border freight forwarding services and trucking between Malaysia and Singapore allowing timely and hassle-free transportation services of goods from various businesses to their respective customers.

Milk – Run Distribution

Our express delivery service in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and China is backed by a sleek transport system and proven logistics solutions. Well planned consolidation allows us to fully utilize the trucks to pass on cost efficiencies to our valued customers.

Transload & cross docking

Cross-docking is an efficient transport process we are considering with utmost priority when it comes to our freight forwarding service in Malaysia. It allows you to control your company’s supply chain from the manufacturer to the end-user via consolidation of goods and direct shipping.

Freight Forwarding

Our strategic alliances globally allow us to provide reliable ocean and air freight services for our customers depending on your needs and urgency. Our freight forwarding service is among the most reliable overseas shipment services in Malaysia.

Customer Brokerage

Customs Brokerage & Clearance

With our team of experts in customs regulations and procedures, we are able to provide customised advice and handle customs documentation and operations to facilitate the complexity of the customs freight forwarding clearance process of imports and exports.

Freight Forwarding

Loose Cargo Load/ Console Load

Specializing in console service, goods are co-loaded and distributed to your customers in a same-day delivery or next-day delivery. This consolidation allows us to pass on savings to our customers by reducing transportation cost without compromising on its efficiency.

Full Cargo Load

Full Cargo Load

With various types of vehicles from full 40ft side curtain trucks to 1-ton lorries, we provide an array of options to cater to the nature of your goods and delivery needs. Chartered trucks service is suited for freight forward services that require exclusivity and allows maximum flexibility.

Multimodal Transport

In order to maximize transportation efficiencies in our express delivery services, we provide an integrated logistics service that optimizes land, air and sea transportation. This enables the fastest and most cost-effective door to door delivery route.

Other Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Hock Cheong offers a same day shipping service option for you to choose.

Same day shipping is named same day shipping because it allows the recipient to receive the shipment within the same day it was shipped. It usually takes less than one day, barring any unforeseen delays.

Same day deliveries are an express shipping option, which means it is typically more expensive than standard shipping. Get a quote from us to find out how much it may cost you!

Shipping may vary with location and courier reliability. Hock Cheong, as an established player in the industry, has an extensive network to make the delivery process faster.

Reliable couriers are established companies like Hock Cheong, with decades of experience in logistics management.

Don’t just look at the price! You don’t want your 3pl company cutting corners when you want your shipments to arrive fast, safe, and secure. Choose a reliable company like Hock Cheong.

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