What Is Last Mile Delivery And Why Does It Matter To Your Business?

Oct 18 2021 by Hock Cheong

A man doing the last mile delivery


As ecommerce grows at an unprecedented rate, businesses around the world are optimising their operations and services to continuously satisfy a growing number of online shoppers. Of many new business initiatives in the industry, delivery services such as last mile delivery have seen one of the largest growth and improvements. 


Last mile delivery refers to the transportation of goods from a warehouse to the consumer’s home. Whilst it may seem like any other courier service, there are reasons why it is an important service ecommerce businesses like yours should adopt. Here’s why.


#1. Innovative Technology For Improved Customer Experiences

Customer service and experience has long been an important part of running businesses, regardless of who you’re selling your goods and services to. Consumers today are also a lot more well-informed and have growing expectations of brands, pushing businesses to crack their brains for better and improved initiatives to satisfy their customers. 


Last mile delivery helps to resolve part of that problem for you as it uses innovative technology to value-add to your business.


This logistic service provides a variety of solutions: real-time tracking of orders provide your customers a clear view of where their packages are; customers are given the power to choose their preferred delivery time slot, or reschedule deliveries to a more convenient time; data analytics allow your business to optimise operations and improve delivery services to provide pleasant experiences to your customers. 


#2. Streamlined Business Processes

Last mile delivery logistic services allow businesses to streamline their processes into a few simple steps, all within one system. One of the more notable innovations is to integrate your ecommerce site to a centralised order management system that will automatically send an order request to the warehouse holding your stocks upon a customer purchase. An agent will then be sent to pick up the items for delivery to the customer. 


This entire purchase to delivery process is a lot faster and efficient compared to traditional methods of collating orders, packing, and having a courier pick up the packages. It helps you to save time, save on manpower costs, and even allows you to spend more time on growing your business. You may even be able to provide your customers with a same day delivery option.


#3. Fast and Flexible Delivery 

Same day delivery in Malaysia may have seemed like an impossible task many years ago, but with last mile delivery services, it is now possible. Especially with streamlined business processes, delivery times become shorter due to the reduction of downtime. 


Instead of having to send out delivery trucks on your own, you can also rely entirely on your logistic service provider for all your delivery needs, helping you save costs and reduce your impact on our environment. 


As businesses around the world shift towards a digital business model, many will end up having to compete with one another. Besides attracting target audiences, you have to guarantee your customers a good shopping and delivery experience. Doing so will ensure that your business stays afloat. 


Consider engaging logistic service companies for last mile delivery services as they can help you to close up the gaps between you and your customers.

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