Are You Working With The Right Logistics Company? Observe These Signs!

Nov 01 2021 by Hock Cheong

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Asking the question, “Am I working with the right third party logistics company?” means that on some level, you are having second thoughts of their services. At this point, it would be helpful to have a concrete answer to whether they are the ones who can manage your warehouse and logistics needs. 


If you find yourself in a situation where you are not positive that you’re working with the right third-party logistics company, check out this list of signs and see if they meet these conditions. If they do, then you can put your mind at ease. 

4 Signs That You Are With the Right Third-Party Logistics Company

#1 Clear Communication


A business relationship often fails due to poor communication. If the parties involved do not understand one another, it will cause misunderstandings. When working with your third-party logistics company, if they proceed with their initial plan without confirming everything with you, they probably will not be able to satisfy your needs. 


Communication between people and businesses are critical, especially when it comes to partnerships like this. Whether you are communicating via text messages, email, or phone calls, clear communication must be involved for operations to move forward smoothly.


So, if the company you’re working with cannot tick off this criteria, it is a sign for you to either improve on communication methods or look for another logistics company to work with. 


#2 Use Latest Technology


With the rise of ecommerce, consumers expect to receive orders much quicker than ever before. Due to this demand, businesses are trying to stay afloat by engaging the help of third-party logistics providers to offer their customers same-day delivery services for improved purchase experience. 


Your third-party logistics company should be staying updated on the latest technologies in the industry. Some important technologies include providing your customers with a tracking number they can use to track their parcel, or even better communication tools between you, the service provider and the customer. 


Hence, if your current logistic partner cannot keep up with the ever changing digital landscape, consider switching to a better provider.


#3 Provide Reasonable Rates


Especially for ecommerce businesses, the rates that your providers are charging you for their warehouse and logistics services should always be your top priority when managing business finances. You should always be kept up to date with the market prices and how external factors can affect warehousing and logistic pricings. 


A good third-party logistics company will not only offer affordable solutions, but they will also discuss further with you to try to match their services to your budget. 


#4 Flexible to Changes


Being flexible to changes is a good business strategy and if your third-party logistics company tries their best to match your business, then they are a great company to work with. 


When it comes to dealing with customers, nothing is concrete. For example, if your customer is busy on a scheduled delivery date and wishes to receive their parcel on a different date or time, the third-party logistics company should provide rescheduling options. Not only is it to meet the customer’s demand, but also to help improve the customer’s experience shopping with your brand. 


When deciding between different third-party logistics companies to work with, focus on their years of experience in freight forwarding services, warehouse logistics and the services you need most. Doing so gives you a good idea of what they can help you with.


Besides that, you should also consider how willing they are to adapt to a changing world, especially when we’re shifting towards a digital landscape. Are they able to keep up with this? 


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