Choosing A Logistics Company in Malaysia: Tips on How to Hire the Right One

Dec 11 2020 by Hock Cheong

logistics company in Malaysia


Your logistics partner is more than just the middleman that delivers your goods and services. They are also largely responsible for managing your overall supply chain.  Thus, the logistics company that you will choose is a key factor in your business success.


However, the process of choosing the right logistics service provider is daunting. You have to do a lot of research, and make sure to consider these important factors:


  • Experience
  • Even though there are new promising logistics providers out there that, it is still better to choose the experienced ones. These are those logistics companies that have a proven track record of continuously providing quality services to their clients.


  • Their extensive experience also shows how they manage to remain in the industry by maintaining financial stability. Choosing them would give you the peace of mind that your company is compensated properly if ever a dispute during the shipment of goods happens.


  • Customer Service
  • This is one of the most important things to consider if you plan to hire a third-party logistics provider. See to it that their customer representatives know how to communicate well with their clients and give instant solutions or alternatives to resolve a problem. Proper communication between you and your chosen logistics partner ensures your customers would receive the right products.


  • Aside from having trained customer representatives, another factor to consider is the use of IT technologies to improve communication lines. Do they have systems that could help improve information sharing? Would it allow you to track your goods easily?


  • Business Reach
  • You need to partner up with companies that are knowledgeable in handling international shipments if your company decides to expand in the global market in the future. They should have an extensive connection with international couriers, forwarders and transportation services.


  • Remember that customs rules and regulations differ in each country, so you have to look for a service provider that would serve as a central contact of your international shipments— a logistics company that has experience and knowledge in the global logistics market. Not only will this make it more convenient for you, but it also ensures you would not unknowingly break security rules.


  • Safety & Security of Goods
  • Even though fast deliveries and shipments are important in logistics, the real concern in distributing goods is how to keep them safe during transportation. Thus, even though providing same-day delivery services in Malaysia is a plus, the logistics partner should also have the right supplies and equipment that could be used to prevent product damage.


  • Along with safety, the security of your goods should also be your priority. You have to choose a logistics partner that has a secure warehouse to ensure no one would attempt to steal the goods.


Choosing a logistics company should not be taken lightly as they play an important role in your business operations. Carefully evaluate each prospective service provider for you to choose the right logistics partner.


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