Is It Time to Hire A Reliable 3PL in Malaysia? Here Are Some Signs to Tell You It’s Time!

Apr 16 2021 by Hock Cheong

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Your business is expanding. Your orders are increasing. In short, your business is doing well. Well, except for one thing—poor logistic management. It happens when rushes of orders keep coming in, and you barely can keep up with your increasing customer demand.


Sure, you are glad to be where you are now, but juggling all the work can be exhausting. You might find yourself not being able to keep old promises to your customers. Does that sound exactly like you? Then hiring 3PL (third-party logistics) for their delivery services would not be a bad idea.


Even though 3PL sounds complicated, their services would be a tremendous help. They can do many things on your behalf, and before you know it, your customers will complain less since express delivery service could deliver their order within a day or two.


When Is It Time to Hire a 3PL in Malaysia?


1. Paying Too Much for Your Logistics.

At first, it sounds exciting to pack, tape, bubble wrap, box, and do postage. But in the long run, you would find yourself doing this routine exhausting. It also consumes the money that should be your cash flow to support your business’s new growth.


By working with a 3PL, they will do those miscellaneous tasks you often do before. That is possible since they have thousands of employees doing all of these. Additionally, with their networks, they could get discounts rates from packaging materials to freight forwarders.


Now think about it, why pay for more when it is much cheaper if you rely on 3PL and their delivery services in Malaysia?


2. You Begin to Experience Mistakes in Your Logistics.

With the rapid growth of online shopping, customers would not bat an eye to give your company a second chance. If you often got their orders mixed up, they could not think twice, giving you a  poor rating and bad review.


Do not let yourself suffer from those and admit that managing warehouse and logistics are not your expertise. Let the 3PL handle those for you since they have done it thousands more than you do.


3. Your Storage Is Running Out of Space.

Storing all your products can be expensive. The more your business grows and increases in customers, renting a storage unit may not be enough. Rather than getting another one, which adds remarkably to your expenses, a 3PL has a warehouse that could lend you for their logistics. That helps you save up and increase your cash flow.


4. Your Business Is Seasonal.

The problem with seasonality products is that you may find yourself in difficult situations like lack of staff. Instead of hiring temporary workers to meet customer demand, hiring an outsource logistic is much cheaper. Not only do they have enough workers, but they could express delivery service without you spending more.


5. Your Warehousing System Can’t Keep Up with the Demand.

Most online retailers thought their warehousing software is enough to handle orders. That is true, at first, but as customer demand increases, it would barely keep up.


Chances are their software are way behind the technology, and buying the latest one could strain their finances. Also, it might take time before they could get used to it.


Unlike when you hire a 3PL, you would only need to login into their network, and there, you could check where the items are. That spares you from spending your time, money, and effort.



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