How is Safety Ensured in Lorry Transport Services

Mar 10 2021 by Hock Cheong




Criminals have always been deliberate in choosing illegal activities that have a low rate of getting caught. Hijacking transport services, such as lorries is one of them. When this happens, not only is the provider of lorry transport services affected, but also you as the business that was meant to assure undamaged parcels to arrive in the doorway of your customers.


While criminals are continuously getting more skilled in hijacking operations, no parcel is completely immune from the risk of theft. Unless you can find a logistic company that can operate in ways wherein security is heightened, then the odds of your package being exposed to dangerous scenarios is slim. If you found one, they shall be the service provider you should partner with!


How Can a Logistic Company Ensure Safety in their Lorry Transport Service?

On the road, challenges in lorry transport are always present. You are looking at terminals that are populated with workers that it is hard to tell how security and safety are implemented. Well, to assure you, logistic companies have already addressed security concerns before you even think of them. Here is how they ensure safety in their services:


1. Cultivated a culture of security in their company

From the get-go, logistic companies only employ trustworthy people. The people that are working for them have already been put under scrutiny wherein their backgrounds have been checked for any criminal records in the past. If they found none, they attend a series of mandatory security and ethics training so that they understand the consequences of their actions.


Simple as requiring workers to wear complete uniforms and IDs when working is already a security practice that eliminates the possibility of unauthorised entry of persons who are suspected of doing illegal activities. These are the types of a security culture that you will find in a reliable logistics company!


2. Protocols in pick-up and delivery are strict

Operations of lorry transport in Malaysia happen every day. Therefore, routine procedures should already be smooth and efficient. Drivers or staff follow strict protocols when getting parcels from the pick-up point before they go down the road to deliver them. Proper identification of the receiver and location is a step that they never forget. They already know the importance of getting the exact information that they need when they deliver the goods since it is what they learned from training.


Damages are also checked beforehand. If there seems to be no problem, they will deliver it to the customer and they use a system that confirms that the transaction has been completed. This will then notify you, as the seller, and you can expect no delay in communication!


3. Implemented cybersecurity measures

Information Technology (IT) developed systems that aid to improve the performance of transportation services. With this, logistics companies can give proactive customer service to their users! Scary as it sounds, risks are always present since hackers are masters of security mechanisms. Their cyberattacks are the most visible emerging form of security threat to any industry today. Even with that, the way providers of lorry transport service in Malaysia combat this is to implement robust cybersecurity measures. It includes:


  • Prioritising the protection of internal systems

When it comes to internal systems, detection programs that can discover malicious software or malware and install firewalls is a must!

  • Employee training

Logistics companies that invest in educating their employees through different cybersecurity forums and seminars prove that they see the value of prevention rather than taking damage control when hacking incidents have already occurred. 


  • Back-up files and databases

Accidents can happen anytime, and a company that is dependent on personal data to operate, logistics prioritise backup and recovery practises. It is a safety net when the system crashes or a virus has erased all saved data!


Hock Cheong as Your Trusted Logistic Company

Transport security is the speciality of Hock Cheong! We always aim to improve our security against theft and illegal transport of goods by using the latest IT systems that can support transporting goods for every client that needs our service.


Being a long-trusted logistic company in Malaysia, we can give you the peace of mind that every package you give us is delivered safely!


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